3D printing a tumbler cup - boolean error?

Okay I got some help here it was great. Got the model to how I wanted it to look. Problem, it doesn’t want to 3D print where i put in a boolean cylinder. The thread where I got help. I have researched and tried different ideas of how to go about it.

This is what it keeps coming out as. It doesnt have the studs because i was just trying to make that cylinder to go away.


This is what the 3d printer printed:

So i just need it to filled in. And i just tried printing the part that was missing, but it still shows the cup and the cylinder coming out the side.

Blender files:

My newest try but I don’t think its going to work this way either.

cup7.blend (2.1 MB)

I was going to upload my other blender file but it was too big.

-Thanks in advance for any help !

If you temporarily hide the top you can see you have all sorts of stuff going on inside which won’t help

I had a try myself at this, at an arbitrary scale. It involved Booleans to create a circle shape on the outside surface of the unpoked shape, and extruding that shape outwards and then using that as a Boolean on the poked surface and then a lot of cleanup.

A good tip is to use the built-in 3D Print addon in Blender. You can have it analyse an object for things that will cause problems in 3D printing. Just keep running it and cleaning up the problematic areas by merging vertices and the like. I managed to get it to a state where it’s only complaining about some overhangs and some thin faces. It’s not pretty though.

[EDIT] Tried again closer to your original scale. It’s a wee bit cleaner. I’ve left various stages of the process off to the side. Hopefully it gives you an idea of the process.

weird_cup_2.blend (3.8 MB)

As it is at the end the 3D Print addon is only now complaining about Zero Faces (very small faces - can’t be helped in a model of this scale with small features), Overhangs (again, can’t be helped due to the nature of the model), and Thin Faces (again due to the size and design). No non-manifold stuff or intersecting faces or any weirdness that would cause an issue in slicing or 3D printing. It’s a great addon. Useful for troubleshooting models not intended for 3D printing as well.

I can’t currently check right this second, I’m at work. Though I have a question. Were you able to get the model into a slicer without the second cylinder showing up as an actual cylinder? (See the first image with the yellow looking cup)

Another question, should I just start over and use the add on to check every step of the way? So I can fix the problems as they pop up.


Running into some issue. Before poke face I’m trying to do the boolean it just doing a half circle. I tried using your blender to file to get where your last cup is. I’m not sure how to get the circle to be part of the cup. What is the cutter for?

My thoughts:
Isn’t the boolean how you get the circle onto the cup?
If so, then you would poke the face for the studs, and the circle would stay flat.
Then join the two objects, which should be it.

Sorry in advance, i just want to understand what you did and what i’m doing wrong.

My file in case it might help you to help me lol.
cup8.blend (2.8 MB)

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I created the circle, extruded it right through the cup, and did a first Boolean operation to get only the area where they intersected. I then duplicated both the cup and the cutter, applied the Boolean. Doing this means I have a circle positioned on the outside wall of the cup. Then I worked on the cup, giving it thickness (inwards). Then I hid all the faces on the top/rim, bottom and inside while I did the poke type stuff. When creating this I was scaling the points outwards away from the original surface.

Then I gave my cutter object thickness by extruding it… again outwards away from the original surface of the cup

Then I used that newly extruded cutter to perform the second Boolean operation on the cup, which removed everything outwards from the circular shape on the (original) surface of the cup.

This might help explain what I did in a slightly simpler form