3D printing problems

Please assist me with my model, keeping in mind that I am an absolute beginner still. I appreciate your help. From the blender file view and MakerBot view, it looks normal. But when I try to click on the preview to see how it would look printed. It looks all hollowed. I would appreciate it, and need to know if I were to print would it look like that? or is there something that I need to change from my blender model.

Do you mind if I ask where the model came from?
It looks like it needs a lot of work before it’s ready for printing!

I downloaded a picture and sort of worked around it by joining vertices and faces. I then extruded it outwards to make it 3d. This is my blender file Link

I’d make a start by looking up “Manifold Mesh” (Basically it means an enclosed volume)
I haven’t had the chance to look at the file (Not at home) but you will need plenty of planning to create a 3D print this way, to ensure your model will come out in a printable state.

Try this - Do you know how to activate Add-Ons in Blender? There’s a 3D Print Tools Add On that comes with it. It can tell you where there are problems with the model.

I do not know where exactly that is, but I could research. Thank you very much for the help.

I checked the file and there is plenty of things that will not be good when printing, like small holes many overlapping faces. There is a lot of useless geometry that wont be printed and its making a mess in the geometry, solidify is needed but that function isn’t bullet proof, with so many pieces it makes a lot of mistakes, I tried to solidify in meshmixer and the model just collapsed :smiley: Also the Ngon faces aren’t helpful. The picture you see in printer is because the printer don’t know what to do with some intersections.