3d-printing - scripted animation [Prusa-clone Anet A6]

This project already got a little old, and I have not touched it in months, but I thought I could post it anyway to gain new motivation.

When starting out, I had just ordered a chinese printer and had never seen one in real life. After having learned how the slicer-software works, I began thinking about animating a virtual printer by using the g-code.

The printing-animation is done using texture painting a displacement map (so no overhangs can be printed). The movement of the nozzle and the heatbed is controlled by g-code, that is interpreted by a python-script.
A lot has still to be done - the modelling is only about 50% complete and rigging cables and the like is Neuland to me (as my chancellor would express it). I hope I will find the time to complete the project some day.

Here is a video showing the printing process:

And another test-video that contains the displacement map and some older still-renders of the machine. The resolution of the printed object here is only very low compared to one in the other video + the synchronisation of the printer-movement and the displacement map is faulty.