3D printing set-up technician and artist for miniatures production


my name is Russ Charles and I freelance under the title Elemental Miniatures, and co-operate Clockwork Goblin Miniatures. The I design (EM) and manufacture (CGM) miniature models for the wargames and RPG industry. All our work is 3D printed from stl files and cast in metal or resin as multi-part models.

We work for clients such as Privateer Press, DUST tactics, Mantic games and Warlord games, and support a number of smaller companies by producing their models for kickstarter projects and retail- we are behind Acthung Cthulhlu, Space 1889 (and Sky Galleons Of Mars soon) and most recently, Guild Ball.

Our production pipeline uses Zbrush for the most part, but all our Basemesh and hard surface work happens in Blender (with a little modo mesh fusion) and Blender serves as our stl set up programme, our default modeller and the backbone for our pipeline.

I am looking to provide paid work in two areas.

3D Print technician: all our work ends up as stl files for printing and many files are printed on an SLA printer that requires rod-supported models. The high definition and detail levels means that such rods must be hand inserted. I need someone who can carry out this rod supporting to free up my time for sculpting and production.

The technician will:

  • Take correctly scaled models in a .blend file, and orient them, add rod supports to enable printing and pay parts out into sprues as necessary
  • Export stl files and process them through the netfabb cloud processor to deliver manifold stl files for printing

Currently, I set around 3-4 models per hour. This work is not difficult but it requires a methodical approach and an eye for detail. Assuming the artist can match 3 or 4 models per hour, I will pay £20 per hour GBP/ $30 USD. Work will be weekly and turnaround time will be 48 hours on a batch of up to 6 miniatures. In an average week, there may be anything from 6 to 18 models, depending on project cycles.

Hard Surface Modeller: much of our work involves making tanks, weapons, mecha and sci fi elements. I am looking for a hard surface modeller who can produce clean files from artwork or written briefs, which can be finished in Zbrush or incorporated into larger models. Work will range from single weapons to entire starship models. The artist will:

  • work to artwork and written briefs
  • be mindful of the scale and casting considerations of working for 3D printing and model casting
  • be able to respond positively to feedback and alteration requests.
  • deliver work to production deadlines.

This role is intended to support myself and my other organic sculptors by providing useable parts. Models will have fees set on a per-project basis, but as a guide, a space ship model or mecha model will pay £100-200 GBP ($170-340 USD).

In all cases, reliability will be paramount- we work on live production cycles for clients, with printing, casting and distribution of 1000’s of models dependent on smooth delivery. Signing NDA may also be required. Both positions will be freelance- you will invoice for the required work and be paid as a freelance artist.

If you think you would like to have a shot at working in the miniatures business, please PM me and leave your details. I include below some samples files to indicate the kind of work I do as a sculptor and what CGM produces as a company.

Many thanks


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