3D Printing Topography: The Alps

Hello everybody,

after a lot of months working on this Project, finally is finished. It´s one part of the Alps in Switzerland. The model is 1.5m x 32cm big.

The materials that have been used is special powder and special 3d printing Plexi Glass.

The modeling (Volume) and Texturing was made only with Blender.

The Project was made from the Enterprise Digital Werkstatt in Basel, Switzerland.

Hope you like and thanks for your help. I had a lot of Questions about exporting materials.

Here are some Photos:

Rendering with Cycles:

I can’t believe this post has generated no responses! This is great! The blendering is very nice but I would think others would at least be interested in large-scale rapid-prototyping. Normally it’s horribly expensive for anything but little things. Is this a service available to the public?

looks cool, but might this be in the wrong forum?

Hello Shadowphile,

yes , this service is available to the public. This Project was made for UNESCO. Maybe i posted in the wrong forum but anyway is very cool and i am happy that we produced it.

Thanks for your response.

Um…can I have to link to the service? Searching on plexi glass just gives me a million hits for acrylic plastic sheets :slight_smile:
And yeah, why this forum?

The truth is that recently i found out how works the forums inside blender artists. Before i was going to the website support to post a quote. But now ok, i found it.

The link is www.digitalwerkstatt.ch. Feel free to send email and ask what ever you want.