3d printing

can you 3d print high poly model with 10mill verts?

Check with the company you are using to print or your own printer manual.
Depending on the printer and print material, there will be a minimum print resolution so your model may have 10 million polygons but the printer may be unable to resolve that fine level of detail

thanks a lot.
i wonder should you add thickness to you high polly model

the 3d printer itself does not care if you have 100 verts or 100,000,000,000,000 verts. the computer that processes the 3d data file into the CNC path data file for the printer might refuse to respond for a few hours while slicing though! if you are uploading to a service like shapeways their server might fart out on your connection while trying to process high poly models.

as for your question about thickness. I’ll say it depends on the size of the model. if its your own personal 3d printer at home, you should have variable infill settings, so you can control how much “waste” material ends up inside your model. if you are uploading to eg. Shapeways, they charge by the cubic centimeter on most of their materials such as powder/resin binder type material. you will want to have a 2-3 mm thick “shell” of your model with 5-10 mm holes somewhere on the bottom so that the excess unbound powder can come out, and you don’t get charged for the full volume of the model. basically a hollow shell with a cavity inside, and holes so whats in that cavity can get out.

post with more details and maybe a picture of what your trying to print and i can be of more help. i have a FDM 3d printer at home, and ive used shapeways full color printing process before so i can give you more insight into both processes.