3d program thats 2mb??????

search tool didnt work. Got sick of manually searching on page 20.

i went to the image gallery and saw some of the stuff made with blender. i liked what i saw so i went to download it, but then saw that it was only 2mb. i didnt think the images i saw were goign to be made with a 2mb 3d program. are there plugins or something that im missing? =]



and the fact that the 2Mb you saw was compressed
(it expands to 6 or 7)

Welcome to the magic world of Blender :slight_smile:

hehe :slight_smile: . Now you can see how much unneccesery expensive shit 3dMax has.

WITH 6 MB ON YOUR HD, YOU CAN CREATE ANYTHING!!! It’s quite amazing! Yeah, 3DSMAX is sooooo oversized. When blender catches up, 3dSMAX will be wiped from the face of the earth!!! :smiley:

Blender surely has to have some kind of record for the highest features to filesize ratio ! :stuck_out_tongue:
There are plugins, but they’re tiny filesizes, and not really essential.
.blend files can frequently become larger than the program itself.

The current version is hideously bloated compared to the 1.x versions which used to fit ( compressed ) on a floppy disk. I asked Ton about this one time, being awestruck at the blender’s small footprint compared to other graphic apps. He said it was because blender did not drag in any widget libraries, toolkits or frameworks.

Still Blender is indeed a lean, mean graphics machine. As you say, it’s must be some kind of feature/filesize record. Nice price too, eh?

Also, not only is Blender tiny in size and infinitely cheaper, it is relatively fast compared to the “high-end” professional packages! Who could ask for more than that? :stuck_out_tongue:

blender realy is that small, its incredible how well it must of been programmed, look out 3dmax (and others)


Not me :smiley: LoL I’ve been having a argument about this very subject, and which is better, Maya, 3DS Max or Blender. They seem to think that 640 megs isn’t all that bad, but compared to blender, that’s FREAKING huge, so yea there must be tons of worthless crap in there. And people say Blender sin’t powerful humf It nearly beat’s 3ds sometimes. And yea I agree it’s freaking fast compared to the other big packages out there.

that star wars thing in the image gallery is amazing. tell me how to make it. right now. =]

which starwars thing? you mean the one that you can spin the view around on?, there’s a program called ‘gocubic’, that in combination with blender will do that. You might not be able to find it, but if you do a search on elysiun for it, and you still can’t find it, I’ll put it in a /zip for you.

I think blender jus needs to have a fully reintegrated real time systems than it’ll be equal with 3dmax.

I also keep getting amazed by Blender´s small footprint and speed (both 3D interactitity and workflow)! What a program!

In fact, Blender (old UI) beats any user interface I’ve seen anywhere in terms of workflow.

I kinda agree, except I’ve discovered many new things because of the menus and new interface that I never would have found as easily with the old style. The old interface was great if you knew everything to begin with (which I still don’t), but the new interface allows for easier discovery. Most of the workflow is still there as well. I think the new interface is a great blend (no pun intended) between efficiency and flexibility.

Agreed…and when your memory starts to go, like mine :stuck_out_tongue:

Amazing isn’t it.2.2 m for a fully featured, biceps bulging, testosterone oozing, hold-on-to-your-hats fast and ass kicking 3d software! I remember sometime last year when i decided to learn this CG thing, I searched on the web and opted to learn Maya because they had all this list of awards that they have won and also there is Escape studios where I thought I could enrol for some of their courses besides Maya have a learning version which wouldn’t cost me my life to get.

A part from that annoying water marks that you get in the Maya learning edition I just felt overwhelmed by the software! Then in a news group someone mention BLENDER.

I couldn’t believe the size and quality of images there were in the gallery! Honestly this software is really awesome and the guys developing it must have some really tight programming skills.

It surprises me then again it doesn’t because the Open Source software development community has some of the most skilled developers in the universe.

Feature wise, Blender is that snowball that is rolling down the hill, eventualy turning into a unstoppable avalanche that may very well engulf the competition.
As far I’m concerned, Blender has enough features and capabilities to faithfuly reproduce “Toy Story” and “A bug’s life”.
If you like what you have seen so far, search for “Endi” in the forum. Blender (and the other 3d progs) is just a tool…I didn’t matter if Meachel Angelo used a gold plated diamond studded chisel and hammer, or just plain iron ones, the end result is just the same: the most beautiful statues the world has ever seen.

you know, I’ve heard that blender has actually removed some 3d and cad programs off the face of the earth! For example, has anyone herd of Bcad? I rest my case.