3d Programs

Not sure if this fits within this category, but I’m wondering on what everyone’s opinion is on what’s the best 3d creation/animation software out in the market. I’d like some thoughts. Personally, I wouldn’t know.

this has an easy answer, blender off course.

he he, I would check out ‘Other software’ and search other threads for your answers on that one, but I must agree with greboide.

hahaha… well, Blender is a good program, especially one that you can buy for free, but I took a look at 3d s max and ISX and they look very impressive… I take it those are used for more professional purposes. Of course, I’m not saying Blender’s not professional. But I’m talking feature films and new-generation video games.

The best closed-source/commercial 3D app is either 3D Studio Max or Maya. They’re pretty evenly matched. There’s Softimage, too, but it’s been lagging behind lately. There are also programs which do only specific things, such as renderers RenderMan and Maxwell Render.

What do you guys think of the Torque game engine, as opposed to Blender’s? I bought a book yesterday that’s about 1000 pages long about 3d programming and it came with a demo of Torque to use for the book’s duration and I was just wonderin…

Here is a comparison of a wide variety of 3d packages.


As for the Torque game engine it’s awesome, but you have to pay for it. That puts it in a different category. At $200 a pop Blender’s game engine would be as good if not way better.

That was perfect… thanks, unsettlingsilence. I realize now that Blender’s both a very good program and free for both commercial and non-commercial use… which makes we wonder why everyone across the nation isn’t raving about it in the news. Is Blender used often in the creation of popular video games nowadays, however?

Please use the search function and we already have enough of these “which is better” debates, and they are all locked.