3D Puzzle Solving Game: Completed Demo (First 2 Chapters)


Hi everyone,
I made a game where you go around and solve puzzles, and this is the demo! Some of the puzzles are harder than others, but it’s pretty fun overall and you can access hints in the menu if you get stuck. You need 2.5 and I’m pretty sure you need a pretty decent computer, too (GLSL-compatible at the very least).

So anyway, enjoy the game, it’s pretty full-featured. Esc for options (please adjust to your liking) as well as hints, and the rest I’ll leave for you to figure out.

Please let me know if you find any bugs, and also how well it runs on your computer along with your computer’s specs.

WARNING: There is a loud buzzing noise when you first start the game, sorry if it startles you; I’m working to make it not happen…
And remember, you can only run this with Blender 2.5
Here’s the link:

I personally don’t want the experience of this game ruined with screenshots, but if you really want a couple, here they are:

Uh. Just played about 45 seconds of it. I like it already. OK. back to playing…lol.

Good to hear, and thanks a lot!
A looooot of time and effort has gone into this so far haha : )

It looks like it. I the visual aspect as well. It’s very clean, and the lighting is nice too. Did you bake the AO? Or use lamps?

I only have one crit though. The walking speed. Even after setting it to 10 seems a little too slow? Other than that. Nice work.

Walking speed at 10 is slow? Sure you’re not just lagging, because 10 seems to jet me around pretty quickly.
And yes, the lighting/AO is baked for most objects.

Iloved the game, very very awesome, congratulations, the graphics are very cool, I got stuck on the power machine part. I ll try to solve it later, thanks this game is very cool

Thanks for the kind words! And remember, if you get super stuck there are hints in the menu.

No. I’m not lagging. My PC is pretty powerful. Maybe I’m just used to faster paced games.

But good job. I’ll have to work on the power machine too…lol.

My game is full of high end graphics, but I like yours better.

: ) I went for fine-tuned simplicity over complex graphics, as I think it’s better suited to the capabilities of the BGE (plus, it’s game made entirely by me, only one person… -_- )

@Makin Bacon: Well - this is just fantastic. Great work Makin Bacon - how do you make it run on start up? Also - maybe a main menu on start up would be better - than a menu only accessible after you press ‘Esc’

Also - a small underlining story like in ‘Portal’ (which this game feels like sort of ) would be interesting… hints scattered about and such…

There are 5 chapters total:
0: Tutorial
1: Welcome
2: Space
3: Time
4: Reality

I’ve been doing a lot of research on interactivity as well as abstract game design and games as art, and I have big plans for where this game is going. Get ready : )

(If I ever finish…)

Your game looks pretty awesome too! Very high in detail; very Doom 3.


Thanks a lot! Yeah I plan on having an initial menu screen, but that’s not super important at the moment. It will probably be made dead last haha. There is a story which I have been writing. There will actually be a few extra elements in the first level once the story is more planned out.

Also, to have the game run on start up, click the “Game” dropdown menu at the top and select “Auto-Start.”

Oh also! One small critic… The game is quite beautiful except for two things:

  1. The sky dome can be better.
  2. The scene where he is going down an elevator, well done but the stars seem all pixel-ated and image like. I think you should learn how to create a space type scene to REALLY have an awesome effect there.
  3. Ambient music would go very well with the game!
    Once again - great work you have so far. Clean - precise - amazing. I will DEFINITELY be following this project!

Thanks. I need to go back into mine, and make it look a little more alien.
I can see this game will turn out to be pretty popular.


  1. Haha I knew the shitty skydome would be brought up XD I really do need a better one, you’re right…
  2. I totally forgot that the space scene was so weird looking; it was supposed to be temporary >.>
  3. I like your thinking! The search for royalty-free ambient music begins…

Btw - I’m so intrigued by this game if ever you need help with something I’m willing to learn and help you out without ever giving me credit for doing anything( seriously! ). I don’t mind cleaning up scripts, debugging… modelling.
I’m actually only good at scripting and modelling.
This is of course only if you’re looking for people to help out!

Haha thanks for the offer! For the moment I am chugging along pretty well on my own, and my workflow seems to be doin’ well, but if I need an extra hand with anything I’ll take up that offer for sure. If I ever do, it will likely be for script cleaning. I am such a lazy programmer. There’s enough spaghetti in that code to feed a family of four. It’s a little embarrassing…

Ha! That’s something I would never tolerate! Just try not to let your scripts get TOO out of hand… Btw I forgot to mention the abstract cube looks awesome where it is! In thoughs huge circles you should have something appear or something. I just seems like the cube has a purpose of some sort!

They’re already pretty out of hand. Essentially zero comments, and trying to figure out how they all interact with each other would be almost impossible. Sigh…

As far as the giant cube, yes it’s currently just decoration but I’ve had several people also suggest it serve some purpose. Maybe I’ll come up with something.

WooHoo…Just beat it. I like the three colored circle puzzle thing at the end.