3D Reconstruction from 3-4 points (using tracking data)

Yes… I know. It looks like a poorly made tracking test. But it’s not!

During last weekend I had that thought: I can make my own 3d reconstruction system! And so I did. Though I used a little different approach.

You can’t tell (grid might be deceiving :wink: ), but tracking in my video was made using only 3 points. It was possible because their relative position was known. I think it can be described as “tracking based on object shape”.

Well… it isn’t perfects, but still works better than I expected. Still:

  1. Do You think it’s worth developing this further?
  2. Can You think of any interesting uses for that when we already have build in reconstruction capabilities in blender?
  3. What do You think about some implementation of “blender - only” augmented reality version in BGE (if I’m correct for now it has to be done using external “tools” - so maybe that’s enough)? Worth pursuing?

Looking forward to Your opinions.

Of course I meant “3D reconstruction”, not tracking. Tracking data was from Blender Tracking System. I changed title accordingly.

Nice Work. The Tracking looks solid.

I can think of some cases which this could be useful, but i don’t really know if enough to develop it further…

You might put the script as it is online somewhere, cause im curious how you made it :wink:


I will post it as soon as I will put it in a little bit friendlier form. Just don’t want to share my mess :wink:

lol. totally can understand that :wink:

Looks cool.

Are three points really enough?
I mean a triangle with two known points in space still can represent 2 equal triangles in space.

One triangle is leaning backward and one is leaning forward.



I think I understand what You mean. Till now I was testing by tracking “plane” from 3 points. I kind of went around problem by setting some boundries based on “plane normal”. I have to think about it a little bit more, but worst case scenerio I think there should be 2 solutions.

When I will find some free time this week I will clarify my code a little bit and share it for testing. Hope it will be worth looking into.