3D Reflections (a new Blender blog)

3D Reflections is a new Blender blog I began a few days ago:


Beyond occasional talking about my projects and techniques, I also comment on Blender developments and related topics and issues concerning 3D art and the industry.

My latest post (“Greater Expectations”) examines the anticipation of Blender 2.5 and attempts to inject some preemptive reality checks, especially given how many people seem to be hinging all their hopes on this particular release :slight_smile:

I hope to update the blog regularly and keep it as interesting and informative as possible.

Posts from the blog are also now featured at Planet Blender, thanks to jesterKing.

I hope you enjoy it!


p.s. Please feel free to link to the blog if you wish.

That’s top quality stuff! Too bad there’s no commenting allowed :slight_smile:
I subscribed to the RSS feed.

:s I guess the font size is for blind people? I really would like to know what’s written on your blog but the font is just way to big for reading. I don’t even want to read a single sentence :s. Sorry, maybe you should think about changing the font size.

acc you can easily reset it for yourself if you wish. in internet explorer just click on that 100 in the bottom right corner and pick a smaller number. if you are on sire fox ctrl + and ctrl - zoom in and out.

(and before giving out advice look at his join date. he’s probably forgotten more about blender than we know)

Or press command and minus (OSX - Safari).

Interesting read. Thanks for sharing.

Hey RobertT,

I see you are using Blogger? I would suggest you add the READ MORE … feature. when you edit an article you can stick the read more code between two paragraphs in each article. Just after:

“It’s a great time to be a Blenderhead :)”

in your Great expectations article for example.

This will just show the initial paragraph (s) on the front page. Then readers can get a jist as to an article topic and decide to go into the article or not. It also stops long scrolls to the next article if you dont wish to read the newer article.

Just a thought

Some articles on HOW TO:


Unfortunately BLOGGER doesnt have this feature out of the box, takes a small bit of simple code addition. Thats one of the reasons I elect to use Wordpress. in WP its a simple ICON to add this feature when you wish!


radialronnie: Thanks! Since I have no time for comment moderation, I’m just leaving that off for now.

accessoire: The font size is merely two to three points higher than average. I work at very high resolutions, as do many in the graphics field, and small text at many websites these days can border on illegible or eye-straining after reading such text for long periods of time. That said, you can also read unformatted/regular-sized posts at PlanetBlender.org.

rdo3, almux: Yes, all web browsers these days can be adjusted. I often have to CTRL + a site because someone thinks hard-coded 8pt fonts (or smaller!) look kewl :cool:

alex_m: Thanks! Glad you liked it so far.

aidanodr: Sounds interesting! Thanks for the tip. I looked at two articles so far, and I think, if I were ever to go this route, the Javascript function could be simplified to just two or three lines.


It’s a nice idea, I’m sure a lot of people will be interested in the thoughts and processes of a long term skilled user.
However, I think you should tweak your default font settings, the harsh black and white and large bold type is a bit off putting and most users are not going to go into their browser settings in order to change fonts.

Thanks for the feedback. The blog layout has just been updated.

Colors have been changed to something between an “Elysiun homage” (this forum’s predecessor, for the uninitiated) and Blender 2.5’s color scheme.

Font size has been reduced twice now. Reducing it any further makes the print even smaller than Blender Artists (and that would be far too small at HD res).

I will likely tweak or change the layout some more in the future.

Anyway, thanks so much for the interest! =)