3D remastered morning forest

Hi, everyone!
This artwork was done in late august 2016. Year, it’s almost ayear from now. So I twice excited, that I have finaly found time to make a report about such unusial order.
In a middle of July 2016 I was contacted by a customer with the purpose to print a low-quality photo in a photo wallpaper size. In the end we dealt at a total 3D remaster of the scene photo in hight-quality.
And I’m glad to share the result with you!
I would appreciate it if you could vote for me at https://www.behance.net/gallery/54458527/Morning-forest Thank you!

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Very cool :slight_smile:

This is extremely impressive!

Unbelievable job and great presentation!
You put a lot of effort into everything seemingly :slight_smile:
I hope it has worth all the energy you’ve put into it (for you!) … the wallpaper result is perfect without quetions.

Dare to talk about work hours and rendertime on it?

To my eyes, your final render looks more realistic than the photograph! Great work!

Very photorealistic, my friend. Keep up the great work!

Great work!
Can you tell more about the foliage distribution? Did you use particle ‘hair’ or any other way? Any plugins?

so much details very good man