3d robot!

Please check out my project on deviant art and comment/favorite and watch if you like it. I still have a lot to learn so if you can post advice in this thread I will appreciate it. Thanks!

“This art work was created using Cinema 4d and Photoshop cs6.”

Why post it in a blender forum?

Cause im a boss…

And because both programs require about the same process… and I could post a picture of a 3d model from Photoshop and you could still be decent enough to say hey the color or contrast, lighting, texture, background, shape, effects could use a little work. Not hard right? =/

Ok, it is way too dark to make any recommendation (other than turn some lights on).

I believe…that only Blender made projects are allowed to be posted in these. But then, im not a mod so i don’t know for sure.

Looks like a Chia Pet with a soldering gun.