3D Scanned Textures by Friendly Shade

Hi guys!! I’ve not posted so much about the renders I’ve been working for Friendly Shade TextureWebsite, (and well, nothing about any of my other projects for a while) so I wanted to make one final post with some of the main material previews instead of one for each project.

This is the trailer and here you go a few stills from the Premiere Bundle as well:





If you want to check more renders/material previews you can go to the Premiere Bundle page: https://www.friendlyshade.com/premiere-bundle/


This is really AAA quality stuff. Could you share some details on how is the displacement / z-depth output generated? Are you using photogrammetry or some hardware based solution?

Hi lechu, thank you! We are using photogrammetry to get the displacement with lots of GBs of ram to get the high detail in the mesh and color! :smiley:

This is truly stunning work. I am impressed with Friendly Shade to say the least!

The time and care you put into your textures really shows, Sebastian! Outstanding quality. I’m looking forward to seeing what else you come out with!