3D Scene: Fun on the table.

Hello there, I’m posting my latest work made with blender and yaf(a)ray. Actuly it was made as caustics test, but later on I’ve decided to add some details to the scene, compose and finish it.

Hope You like it. Cheers. (sorry for big res if this disturbes someone)

Soft: Blender 2.49
Render: Yaf(a)ray 0.1.1
Post production: dof, vingette, tonal adjustment and noise - Photoshop.


Cute bears hehe…

Great render, I like it.

Nice work, what did you do for the grime effect on the image?

In photoshop I’ve just added this image:


Than I’ve set the layer blending mode to “multiply”, changed opacity to something round 40% and ereased some spots which were to dark. I’ve also used curves tool for some tweaking. Later I’ve added another metal texture, and switched opacity to something round 20-30%, You just have to play with it.

Mabe if I have a little bit more time, I’ll make a tutorial for doing this in Gimp.

Thanks lechu, it adds a nice effect IMO.

Uploading b&w version which I couldn’t add earlier becouse of some technical problems :slight_smile: