3D Sculpting Character in Blender 2.80 (Beginner) - looking for a feedback

Hi! I am quite new in 3D. I am a self learner and use Blender 2.80.

This is actualy my second sculpted work since I started to learn 3D for the first time (around two or three moths - occasionally in my free time). I’m looking for some feedback so I can get forward. Please, tell me everything what is wrong or can be improve. I know it’s a lot of things but please, have patience with me :slight_smile:

Also, I want to ask: I have some problems with my sculpting. During the sculpting process, it often hapens that the quality of details got lower. It might be seen on the picture above (the knobs and end of “tail” on the alien’s head). The second problem is that I use any brush on some areas of the sculpt and nothing happens. It mostly hapens after the resolution got worse. I don’t know what I do wrong. Might it be because of the often repairing without using regression button? (Brush - smooth - repair with brush - smooth again - brush - …) Or is it something else? Does anyone has the same problem?

Please, try to explain any idea or tip like for a real beginner - since I’m a beginner I might not be able to understand all of the terminology you might use. Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:


Some-times when I go back into sculpt mode, I forget to turn ’ dyntopo ’ on, then the sculpting doesn’t add new geometry, so it starts looking bad, som-where . . It’s a good first model, the details are nice, you could consider adding ’ vertex paint ’ to it, it’s in the object mode or, edit mode menu - - then you can give it the colors you want, if you like - -

For being a second time sculpt it’s not bad at all ( °u°)b
Probably the part that’s a bit rough is around the eyes, but nothing that can’t be fixed in a couple of minutes. Also not sure about 2.8, since I’m using 2.79, but usually when I try to smooth very thin parts of the model (such the tip of the guy’s head) it starts to give problems. Perhaps you should increase the dyntopo resolution to improve the quality and fix those issues.

Thanks a lot! I’ll definitely try it out.

Thanks! Yesterday I installed Blender 2.81 so we’ll see how it works there. The strange shape of the eylids is because of that problem. I’ll try the dyntopo.

I made a short video, that teaches you a good method, for making good 3D models, it’s 6 minutes, or so - -


Take care

Just so you know, sculpting very fine detail is a nightmare in sculpt mode, but if I were you I’d watch some tutorials on sculpting - - One thing to be aware of is, many of them are fast - forwarded, meaning the time is accelerated, so it looks like it takes 20 - 30 minutes to make a very good 3D model, but sometimes those videos are shortened down from 8 - 12 hours work - - Sculpting never becomes truly easy, but it’s some-times easier to make a 3D piece, you have in mind, that way, over modelling in polygons, pixels - - In the end, find the way you like the most, after looking at other people’s techniques, and remember, it’s not enough to pick a brush, and just expect miracles - - it takes a long time, to get really good results, because you have to know how to tweak all the smaller settings, to do that - - it looks easy in tutorials, but they do a lot of small changes, to brushes, size, strength of the ’ brush curve ', so on - - becoming a master sculptor in Blender, will take you a long time - - but, you’re off to a good start, Very Good model, Take care and, Look up other tutorials, there are some Amazing ones, Out there - -

Thank you for the video. I’ve already been watching many time-lapse videos on YouTube with sculping (not only in Blender) and I know it takes more time in reality than the time-lapse video is long. Thanks!

Good, the thing is you always want to start making a good base mesh, my method is a bit long, but always gets the proportions of the entire thing right first, because then the rest will make much more sense, often you make an upper arm, thinking it looks great, then when you add the lower, it’s too long, and with the fingers, every-thing must be changed - -

Personally, I make the eyelids separately from another sphere and fuse them with the main model once I’m satisfied enough. I haven’t seen many people using it but I find it very useful.

I’ve seen some videos where they use this way of sculpting eyelids. I haven’t tried it yet, mostly because I don’t know how to join up two different objects so I can sculp both of them in the same time and they behave like one object. Once I saw some video where they do right this but from that time I can’t find it or something similar what might help me.

I usually use the Bool Tools addon for it, if I’m not mistaken it’s already installed you just need to enambled it. It allows you to fuse different meshes into one, merging their topology. It’s usefuel for hard surface modelling but it can be used effectively for sculpting too.

Thanks a lot!