3D self portrait

Hi all. This is my first WIP posting here. :slight_smile: (I’ve been using blender and lurking here for a while, though.)

This is my 3D self portrait. I haven’t really started texturing it (me) yet, but as a test I smacked one of my reference pics on top of it to check if it lined up, and, well, it did, so I kept it. :slight_smile:


No material, just some simple lighting:


I notice two things that need addressing; The corners of the mouth (not quite sure what’s wrong, but it needs a bit of general tweaking, I think), and the corners of the eyes. (The eyeballs appear to be set too deeply into the head, so I might have to rework the eyelids and surroundings a bit, too…)

C & C welcome.

Haha that’s good. I find it funny for some reason. I’d love to see some animated lip-sync on that.

i think the model is amazing, and with the UV smacked on it stil looks very good, despite the fact it hasn’t been done with effort, it looks pretty much done, just work on textures, and good luc with hair

all you need is someone to take some nice side shots and a back shot then add in some blender particle hair for some extra depth. Looks really good, beard came out pretty good in the image.

argh you’re ugly :stuck_out_tongue: j/k its nice only hair is weird and there’s some weird fungus at your ear, or is it always there?

Heh, it’s not hair nor fungus, actually. It’s a common disease called CTS. As in Crappy Texture Syndrome. It has been found in many others of my projects as well. :wink:

Jokes aside, I haven’t really started texturing it yet. I have baked the texture into a UV map (using jms’ great “Texture Baker” script), so it’s just a matter of sitting down and start working on it. Real Soon Now™. :slight_smile: