3D Semi Realistic Anime Short (30 Seconds)

Hello Interested Young/Veteran Blender Enthusiasts my name is Daniel, And I was Wondering if you were Interested in Helping make a 30 second Anime Video of Characters having a simple conversation. I’ll Provide you a Custom Lip Sync Chart, Blendfaces, Audio and a Script.

Here’s the Style we are to achieve.

There is No Deadline

We Got the Props and setting we need.

I like the Semi-Realism of Japanese CGI it’s Breathtaking if you think about this.

Our Budget is $500

What People We need to achieve this goal
Substance Artist $50
Cgi Artist $100
Modeler $100
Texturing Artist $50
3D Animator $100
Special Multi Talented (Your Choice, Anything Other Than Modeling, Random) $100

If You are interested in this ambitious short project contact me at this email [email protected]

This is for any Anime Enthusiast Out there, Any Skill is welcomed along with multi talents.

Thank You For Reading This.

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I’ve sent you an email, I can certainly do some of this!

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Hi @DannyAnimationWorks

Pm sent please check


Hello @DannyAnimationWorks
Kindly check the email sent.

Thanks & Regards

Hello, I have send email, Kindly please check it

Sorry, About That It’s Just Sometimes my post Get Old You know. When I posted some work on Volunteer Work Section, but nobody replied. That’s just my way of get other people’s attention.

This is to help build our team of 10 Animators.

I just sent you an email. Please reply when you get a chance. God bless!