3D shapes delivered as binary files (10 shapes per contract)

NOTE: this is a contract for 10 shapes (out of 1000)

For this project you need to know how to design 3D shapes and an understanding of binary files

You will deliver 10 shapes in several categories, for example (but not limited to):

Bacteria shapes
Magnified insect images
Complex geometric shapes
Fashion accessories
Paint chips
Sports cars (brands)
Expressive faces
Numbers (1 to 100)
Letters (English alphabet)
Architectural items
Fruits and Vegetables
(and many more)

Shapes you select must be pre-approved
Deliverables: Ten (10) binary .txt format files in both 120x120 and 2400x2400

For additional information see the attached instruction/specifications sheet and a sample binary file

Winning bidder will sign an NDA

i can do the 3d shapes but never heart of binary files.

Hello i am 3D artist i am interested in your offer, how much are you willing to pay for 10 models? i neither hurd about binary files what kind of model format its that and for what purpose? most of my works you can see them here https://www.artstation.com/michaelbendavid

You can google it

i think he is talking about FBX file format…

binary are in unique characters saved as .txt files and look like ascii (not 3D FBX files)

ok roger that…so you gonna wait to more people to offer here? if so how much its the budget for this job

depending on the complexity of the shapes offered, between $10 -$20 per shape

ok so this are ascii STL files practically then, well i kinda not didnt understand which kind of format is this anyway…PM me when you are sure to pick me as the modeller you are looking for :grinning:.

I don’t see the attachment you described that is supposed to have the detailed specifications. Are you going to post it? Are these assets going to be resold after we deliver them to you?

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hello, I tried to load the files here, for some reason it’s not loading … contact me at my email, thanks

there’s no re-selling, it’s for internal project

You haven’t posted your email, either

it’s in the ID info… ofer AT Lmgcr DOT com

I sent an email this morning to the address you said in your reply and have yet to recieve project details. Did you receive it? My username is in the sign-off

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