3D short film passion project supervised by industry professionals

I am looking to collaborate with enthusiastic professional modellers on a project for a short film about a little African animal, runtime 2,5-3 min.
The work will be continuously evaluated and supervised by lead animators, and senior artists working in the film industry, so it’s the perfect opportunity to build your portfolio and get feedback from industry professionals!

Artists share equally in all profits from this project. However, profit is not guaranteed, hence why I’m listing it as a volunteer project.

The script is ready, concepts are in the making.
The team already has a few animators and FX artists already. We mainly need modellers, texture artists, and rigging artists for the characters now, and environment artists for the sets. It’ll be a semi-realistic, but somewhat stylized project.


I’m in.
This is my portfolio (I still have some finished work I haven’t added there).
I’m willing to work as a 3D Modeler (and as other ‘things’ if the need arises and I’m able).

I’ve actually searched the internet several times for ‘open projects’ like this one and I just decided to go job hunting on this forum and found this post.

You could contact me via email.