3D Showreel 2011

Hey Blenderheads!
heres my 3D Showreel for a internship in a CG-Company in munich.
Entirely made with Blender.
And hell yeah i got the job :slight_smile:

to watch in HD click here

or not HD here

happy blending !

Hey nice, i also got an 3D internship at stuggart with my blender work. But have to work with 3Dsmax whine

Very nice work :slight_smile:

Grüße ausm Norden :wink:

thx for the replies :slight_smile: glad you liked it !

Looks really nice, you’re good at texturing I see? Nice job!

the space scene is awesome!!

Everything is awesome.
Especially everything at the first half :slight_smile:
Later, The character models - well, not impressed.

Your work looks good. But for the demo reel I would slow things down and tone the music down some.

thx for your awesome replies !
feels good to see others artists like it !

@dieri: this speed was a style decision, regarding the company i want to join
@freemind: yeah thats right, the characters are not that impressing, but obviously i know how to build one :wink:

happy blendering!

is it only blender used if so it proves that blender is evolving

yeah its just blender used for 3d, compositing and cutting.
Blender is my workflow :slight_smile: