3D sites using Blender. All free!

Now you can put, inside a web page, a 3D space created using Blender having objects, avatares, chat, sound, movies etc. etc.
You need to see to believe. And all is FREE!
Tutorials and demos at:


^You gotta be shitting me. :expressionless:

I closed the tab after I saw the lousy JPEG compression.

The actual demo is here (is active x, requires IE, didn’t break my PC so is probably OK)

Quite interesting, but it looks like it requires a lot of work to get the models into it from blender (thats the thing he linked to- instructions). Also, it seems dependant on this avatar system which kinda limits the flexibilities. However, it seemed to run fairly fast, and was pretty interactive.

BTW, the layout of that tutorial could do with some work (ie. big link to the demonstration at the top so people dont just close the browser as bmax and Friday13 seem to have done)

Thanks for the link, lightning. All I did the first time was see a couple of the tutorials.

As for the demo…the concept of 3D websites (with Blender) is nice, but a (much) higher quality demo that shows more features might make it gain more interest.

…and for the tutorials, ix-nay the JPEG-nay. Simple images compress well with PNG without any loss. Same goes for the demo textures, there’s noise everywhere.

You sure you’re not shitting yourself? I know that I was… :-?

Thanks “lightning”.
About the avatares: you can create YOUR customized avatar using Blender (or Poser) . There are some tutorials and demos about this at that address.
The software is only a tool. The quality of the 3D objects depends of the creator.
.PNG can be used in the 2D panels inside 3D for a better image. We can use .JPG, .GIF, .PNG, .AVI, .MOV, .WVM, .MPEG - so we can have movies!
And for sound we can use: .MP3, .WAV and .CEL . It’s a “positional” sound. This means: when the avatar is near the 3D point where the sound is “placed”, the volume is highter.
Using a “Portal” we can go from some world to other. It’s a 3D hyperlink!
And an “artist” don’t need to know any line of code to put his work at his site.
I believe that some agressive receptions to our project are because I am not an artist. I am only a programer. My models, images, webpages are really not very good :expressionless:
Someone having best modeling capacity could create a better sample using the technique.
I believe that the use of ATMO would be interesting for every Blender modeler to present his work at internet.
The big problem about ATMO is that it uses Viewpoint architecture where the light is glued to the camera and we are using a mobile camera. So, we have a problem of lighting - that can be resolved using “Render to texture” that 3ds max have but Blender don’t.
BTW: ATMO is an application using an ADOBE phaseouted architecture. I am only trying to put it available to be used with Blender. Look this sample created by ADOBE (like I said, the avatar can be customized for each visitor). This sample doesn’t have chat or multiplayer available like the samples of our tutorials have.

Hi all,

I’ve had a bit of a play with it, and in reality, it seems to be pretty powerful stuff.

I’ve uploaded a little demonstration here. Apologies for the crappy model and slow server. It should work in both IE and FF, but in IE you will need to click on “allow active X content” and for both you will need to download the Viewpoint Media Player, available somewhere around here.

Basically, the reason it’s powerful is because the workflow is really simple and quick. Model in blender, export as .obj (although I have been having problems with the obj exporter- it crashes :frowning: ), import to the Viewport Scene Builder, and publish to a html file (+ source files). It keeps all the blender materials, I’ve tested that, and apparently it should keep the UV mapping too but I haven’t done that.

The actual compiled files sitting on the server are in the form of a few xml settings files, an obj file and a material file. You can have a look at the ones in the demonstration above, here. As a result, the download is really small.

Some other things I noticed: The background of the plugin is transparent (Yay!!), and you can put in hotspots. I think the tutorials that adamascj posted have more information on the advanced features. Perhaps, with his permission, we can help him out with some tutorials that are designed to be worth looking at (no offense :wink: )

Conclusion, this could be a really cool blender model/scene visualiser!

Thanks again, “lightning”.
You can do what you like to do with our ATMO NQA . Like I said, I am not a designer and my english is a kind of secret dialet
And ATMO is not to make money, only to have fun. :-?
The new exporter for Wavefront (.obj) in the new Blender 2.41 is working very well for me.
And the SceneBuilder keeps the UV mapping like you can see at ours tutorials and samples.
One of the problems of web3d is that we need to use very lowpoly or the download time will be terrible for people that doesn’t have 2Mbps or more.
One of the nice things of ATMO NQA is that it’s multiplayer. Each user of the same page having that ATMO world will have his avatar (and can chat). In the samples of the tutorials we are forcing a default initial avatar but this can be disable (is a line at the themain.js file) and when someone goes to another world goes with HIS avatar.
For the creation of avatares for Atmosphere there are a product from the sellers of Poser: AvatarLab


I believe that it will work for ATMO. Not tested.
BTW: If you need some help for your tutorials or anything, let me know.
BTW 2: Have you noted that ATMO objects have physics? You can kick that car with the avatar, by example, and it will fall in the chasm because of the gravity. The Havok simulator is included in the system. There are many functions to work with it. It’s for advanced tutorials %|
BTW3: Is possible to integrate ATMO and Flash in the same page. Look this game I did. ATMO can read your mind!
Or you can mix ATMO and A.L.I.C.E - the artificial inteligent bot that talks to you (open the door clicking the red button):
Or you can drive an helicopter:

You are funny, this is funny…
Now, show us the real stuff… This isn’t the real stuff right :expressionless:
If it is, the my 10 years old brother have made better textures in paint.

But I realy think that it could be good :smiley:

Laug32bit, did you actually read the posts?

i recirve message saying i need viewport

Dear Laug32bit,
The tutorials and demos are only a draft, a “proof of concept”. Our partner, Ben/“lightning”, is a real designer and is creating a new version having an artistic professional presentation. I am only a programer.
BTW: the basic idea of ATMO NQA is that until kids (your 10 years old brother, by example) can create and present at internet 3D worlds having chat, avatares etc. Not only artists. This is the reason of the “LEGO like” aspect. And the reason because it’s free! Something like a 3D version of the Squeakland project, a Flash for kids:
This image is from a Squeakland project, created by a kid - not by me %| . It’s not “artistic” (what is art?) but has an important message:
About Squeak we have also a tutorials serie at our DMU site:

Instead of using a clunky technology like ASP.NET with Active X (that you need Windows to use incidentally) why not use Java and Jython (Python embedded in Java) in conjunction with the Blender Web Plugin…

Speaking of the web plugin - Does anyone know what has happened to its development? Is it still in development? It was a good thing.

It’s possible to use Java(JSP), Perl, PHP etc. Any language that can create HTML pages and JavaScript “on the fly”. We are using the old CGI trick. :wink:
The interesting thing about the use of ASP.NET here is that the programer can use the JavaScript sintax in the client side (required) and in the server side. Like Windows is a pre-requirement here, the use of Java doesn’t present its main advantage that is “OS-independence”.
I know that some people hate Microsoft, Bill Gates etc. … :-? I am an old (retired) IBMist and agnostic at this “religious war”.
BTW: The .NET architecture was designed by Anders Hejlsberg, the same guy that, at Borland , created Delphi and some other things. Somepeople can disagree about some Microsoft commercial tatics but need to recognize that, at Microsoft, are working some very competent developers creating some good software.
BTW2: ATMO is not for game creation but is easy the creation of some casual games like a maze. Try:

Ah OK. I couldn’t try any of the examples because I’m using Linux and ActiveX is not a technology that is of any use to me.

wow thats cool

Thanks Khaled. I believe that would be possible, using ATMO, to install a 3D chat at this Forum, by example. Each person could create, using Blender, his customized avatar :Z
I need to have HTML enabled for me to do this… If the admnistrator of this Forum let me do this I can make a test and this topic (“News & Chat”) would have really chat :-?

It is unlikely that HTML will be enabled, but if you could create a demonstration on your site and post a link here I would certainly be interested in having a look at it!

my forum had a chat thing and i was an admin i can get it for this forum :wink: