3d.sk Question

A while ago I gave my account information, and sayign I was going to cancel, “they” 3d.sk never did cancel. So I am wondering if anyone is still using my account, if not I’ll go ahead and cancel it. Its defintly a nice resource, but I’ve learned enough from it.

Dont ask me for my pass/username.

I know what it is. You guys can ask me.

hehehe. :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. I don’t use it. You can cancel it.

are you still being charged?

if not let it fly and share even more

*you posted your pass and username in forum, sure that can be found with a search

no they still charge me, and my pass/username was remove from an admin.

I’d just like to know how far this really spread…

Well, I recall you changed it… Originally it was “tiger” or something. Ah well.

well i got a few things from it, but i don’t think i need anything more.

it wasn’t very usefull for what i was needing to do (it is very front and side oriented, i was more after poses and day to day type things, walking sitting, talking. 3/4 shots are lacking)

i was also after a big fat man… they only have averagly fat men, they need to find some super fatties. normal sized people are so boring.

but yeah thanks for sharing sutabi, i think it did get spread around a certain way.


Any pony shots or asians yet ?

In the same picture?

Yea, in the same pictures %| That’s why I use or grammar nazi.

In the same picture?

lmao, if i like weird jokes, you guys like jokes which even i find weird. Keep them short.

alltaken wrote:

i was also after a big fat man…


Go 3 across and 4 down