3D sketching program - Ilovesketch

Just wondered if anyone else has seen videos of this software.


Curious what others think of it and how something like it could be used inside of Blender.

Looks really nice. Blender has grease pencil, so this could be possible.
There is also bsurface, which could be tied to this.

Quite impressive. This is great for exploring concepts.

Maybe grease pencil could be improved into something closer to this.

I was thinking about it more…wouldn’t it be great to layout edges in 3D by sketching it and then fill in the faces? You could simply sketch the model and then fill it in.

just a thought

That looks great, shame there’s no demo of it, it looks exactly like the sort of program I’d replace sketchup for conceptual work. Deffo looking forward to that.

Grease pencil lines can be converted in curves ?! This it is allready in blender only difference maybe someone make an add-on for the perspective planes.