3D Sky Box & More

So as of lately i have been making lots of proofs of concepts and Demos in BGE.
a while back i was trying to find simple ways of optimizing BGE Games whilst also working on Scenery pieces and world space designs and while watching a video on boundary breaking on Half life 2 i found that they use a 3D Skybox.
basically this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfkjpnMWIXU&t=17s
now this would be great because you can save so much on Memory that is otherwise used up by large clipping distances settings, that’s more memory that can be put to other things in your game.

i created a crude way of doing using logic bricks because i cant script.

if i can find a way to remove the need to use a boundry box in the Lod scene then it would be perfect for any game.