3D Soccer Ball Compositing

For this project, I sculpted a basic 3D model in Blender of the soccer ball I was using and composited it into some of the shots. The model didn’t need to be perfect seeing as how motion blur would cover most of the flaws.

Let me know what you think!


this is awesome, i actually laughed when you kicked the ball straight at the dude standing there blind folded…the only one i thought looked a little unbelievable was the last basketball net one you done and it seemed to float in the air too much…but yer, this is a fun video. well done

I think this video is real
and the guy is just trying to hide the fact that he has superhuman abilities

I couldn’t believe how real that ball looked. I have been trying camera tracking for a while and it’s so frustrating for me, but you really nailed it.

P.S. In the last shot, it wasn’t a freak accident. The kicker hit exactly what he was aiming at.

great job this was awesome!

how did you animate and render the ball so it looked like it was in the real world

You were on to me the whole time haha :slight_smile:

exactly :eyebrowlift:

It would take days to explain everything but in short, I used 3D motion tracking and on-set environment maps to create the kind of texture and appearance the ball had.


Nice vid there smoe though.

When hold the ball on your hand and throw it to a trash can in your backyard (I think) there’s no shadow of the ball. And as it’s already been said some of the animations is a little unreal.

But in the end great work.

nice video, there’re some overframes in some footage but overall, damn cool. i hate that this is so awesome…LOL

Cool video, really very good work. congratulations


Ha ha! This is cool, looks great.

Yup, oldest trick in the book and I still ROTFL! :yes:

it looks SO real… awesome.

Cool. You must have fooled allot of people with this.
In fact I’m not sure that I am not being fooled right now. Is this really not for real?!
I can’t tell.

That’s because it is real. I possess insane soccer skills. :wink:

nice one, good idea, try next time to add some camera movement :slight_smile:

wow,… this is look real,…