3D Sofa Designer (models made in blender)

Hi all,
We have been working on this for a while not and it launched last week.
There are several modular components and hundreds of materials which can create billions of combinations.
All of which can be rotated around in 3d with fancy normal and secular material effects to create realistic materials.

All of the models were made in blender.

<Home page>

<Sofa Designer>

Heres the link(Home):

What you guys think?

Congrats. They look great.

Steve S

Perhaps in Windows this runs like the blazes, but on Ubuntu I tried it our in Chrome and Firefox, ad it ran like an arthritic snail in glue. Also, if you have smoothing going on somewhere, I could not see it; everything looked really faceted.

I’m guessing that it looks and works far better on Windows, which represents 99.9999% of you userbase, so Linux is not really an issue :slight_smile:

runs well on os x

Very nice on Windows – but I’d like to point out that the cushions remain covered in the same two fabrics no matter what the sofa or chair is covered in!

Thanks , glad you like it. Not checked it on Linux, will run that by the programmer and as far as the fabric stuff goes , i think u can manulay change them after, in the fabric tab or by double clicking on the cushion.

As for the faceted look , the programmer was looking into how to turn on smoothing but never got it to work, smooth shading should be coming soon though.

The information and images which you shared about the sofa was informative.