3D Software in 1920 ? Animation

Messing a bit with Blender 2.49a. Sequence editor plus checking new rig.:eyebrowlift2:
Trying to make it look like an old cartoon. If you have any idea for this…please write your comment !




Well done ! nice animation, and the old film effect is good !

It looks nice, but what I see that is missing, and that you find in those old cartoons, is the breaking of the rules. Some of those old cartoon walks were achieved by causing elbows/knees to bend in unnatural ways. With modern rig technology, you typically can’t make an elbow bend backwards. Also I don’t see any squash and stretch that was typical of those times. Also there is not enough hold time on the accents. When preparing to do a move, you must move down before moving up.

All these tips are in the Animator’s Survival Kit:

@ROUBAL…thanks for your comment !

Well it is a matter of personal choice…I want it to bent normally…he he :->

Who told you that? You can make a rig to do pretty much anything…backwards…twist…etc etc: I would recommend you to read some rigging tutorials. You will see what I mean.[/quote]

Stretching and squash is obvious there. When yelling his legs stretch ! However those things are mostly personal choices of the animator. You probably watched too much POPEYE, that’s why you get those personal concepts.[/quote]

Thanks so much for this link. I would definitely look at it !