3D sound and "Inner/outer" cone ?

I wonder how 3D sound and “Inner/outer” cone is functionning ?
I can imagine it’s like radar, but there is no Axis ???
Could you explain me please ?
I don’t find explainations by google or search engine of BA


Thank you HG1:

“Imagine a cone with the top at the original of the speaker object and the main axis of it facing in the same direction as the speaker. There are two cones an inner and an outer cone. The angles represent their opening angles, so 360 ° mean the cone is fully open and there’s no directionality anymore. Inside the inner cone the volume is 100 % (1.0), outside the outer cone the volume is whatever one sets for the outer cone volume and the volume between those two cones is linearly interpolated between this two volumes”

“The same direction as the speaker” is The Y axis of the object ?
I can imagine the 2 cones, but i don’t know if the axis is X or Y (not Z i suppose) or what else ?

I also don’t know the direction in the BGE If you use an empty or object. I never used this feature. But if you add an speaker object the cone is pointing in to the local +Z direction. So I think if you use an empty or object the cone will also point in this direction. But I don’t know if the cone works if you don’t use an speaker object or if this feature works in the BGE.

Just try it, and report here.

Ok, thank you, here is a small test : 3dsound.blend (909 KB)
The Axis is -Z : if we rotate the object, it follows the rotation. If we apply the rotation, it’s World Z axis again. The code use the rotation of the object.