3d sounds not loud enough

(sara) #1

why are 3d sounds so unhearable? i scale the surround settings but it doenst make any difference.

is there a way to make 3d sounds really loud?

(Eric) #2

Normalize the volume in a Sound editor like cool edit or audacity.

(sara) #3

the source wavs are ok. the problem occurs in blender.

(wiseman303) #4

When you scale the sounds, do you scale bigger or smaller?
To make a 3d sound LOUDER, give it a SMALLER scale value.
(Kind of illogical, but it works :-? )

(ineedanewbi) #5

actually… it seems to work fine for me

to make sounds “louder”
change the “scale” value down

to make sounds quieter
change the “scale” value up

kind of weird… play around with it… try 0.1
it does work

(sara) #6

lol. that´s so blender. :smiley:

(saluk) #7

Well, when you think about it, the scale really translates to a distance from 0, 0 being the 3d sound would be placed as close as possible to your ear. SO as the number gets higher, the sound is further away, and it gets quieter.

(sara) #8

a visible sphere for the sound scale would be cool. so you could see where you can hear things and model around that too.