3D space objects location change not affecting when pressing P/entering game

yeah, as the title says, I can move my objects at 3D space, but it doesnt affect at all to the game/simulation itself, objects just stay there where I left them last time I changed their location and hit P… really persistent, I´ve tried changing different settings, havent found setting or help from internet… bug or some small little setting somewhere in the big big jungle of different settings that freezes objects/models location modification or something?

it´s really making me desperate and a bit mad, theres model I just spent 3-5 hours making and I dont want those hours to go down the toilet -.-

thank youu!

right, now I figured out that it had somehow managed to record animation even if I didnt have the setting on… and it keeps recording the animation even if I am in blender game, not blender render…

… problem solved, I had left one leftover recorder in a place I didnt notice it (box that was fractured with fracture tool) I think it was the cause of this problem, dont know for sure, but now it works allright :slight_smile: just when I post about this to forums I figure it out, I have had already wrestled and cursed with this problem for hour and a half

Now back to setting up my scene :slight_smile: