3D Speakers,Sound Question

Hey guys,whats up just a quick question,

is it worth using the 3D speakers object in blender? I mean you can mimic the distance effect while manually increasing and decreasing the volume inside a video editor.There arent many tutorials on how to use the speaker object on a big project.Any recommendations on surround sound? Is there any more tech/science to the speaker object?


To be honest i didn’t used it but:

… you wanna do this for every object which does produce a sound in your 3D-scene… manually ??

I do understand the speaker object in this way that you can add one to every object in your scene which do make any sound and if you have an animated walk/drive/swim/dive/fly in there… well you hear the indivisual sound in 3D…

Hear also here (second find after docu…) :wink:

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I don’t think that Blender has the amount of sophistication needed to use it for sound design. So either it has a 3D audio object or not it won’t cut it in the context of the larger picture.
(P.S. You might think that the only reason it exists is as an ancient artefact from the game engine days).

In general terms you can import audio to work with (audio-synch-animation), or slap a dozen of audio strips into the sequencer to create the queues, that you will later export and use it as a foundation in a music production software.

Despite having the video editing workflow in the recent versions getting a little boost (that made a ton of a difference compared to previous versions) but it’s not enough still lot of work to be done in that area in order to improve things.

are there any programs where i can create 3D sound?

yes i want to add to each object a 3D sound effect for the camera so its more realistic for my animation.I could do this using a video editor by manually tweaking the volume of each strip but wouldnt it be better if i used some 3D sound magic???

Yes. It exists to simplify the work.
You can parent speaker to an animated object and sound should be good for several cameras.
You have to use mono sounds.
You can tweak sound strips in NLA editor.
And finally, you can still tweak the resultt in Sequencer.

I don’t code but there is a library and a part of python API dedicated to audio.
If you do a little bit of research, you should be able to find addons and third parties relative to 3D sound.

To sum-it up if you do a lot of different camera shots of same scene, same animation, that is valuable to use sounds from speaker objects.
If you want to disconnect audio from what is displayed on screen, that may not be the best choice.

Thanks!!! will do my research!

… and by add i mean parent as @zeauro mentioned…

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What folley artists do or sound designs, is that they rely on stacking multiple audio sources, on top of each other to create complex sound schemes. And also they approach each scene or shot differently, depending on what information they want the audience to pay attention to.


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Thanks for the info!