3D spiral line

I think i saw not long ago a small script to make a 3D spiral line

but cannot remember where it was :confused:

I don’t think you can make it with Screw - if you use a small circle - this is not a line:mad:

Anybody can help on this :rolleyes:

Tanks & Salutations

take a plane, and make it into a long line shape.
then, place the cursor away from it longways, and rotate the edge vertices of the plane around the cursor(use proprtional edititing for this, o key)
hope you understood that, good luck

not exactly?


not exactly?

can you make a small tut

The small script a refered to use a 3d equation of an helix or spiral to make the 3D helix!


To make a spiral you can do this.

-Take a vertex
-Spin it around the curser
-Move the curser just a little
-Spin again
-Move the curser.

If you do it right you should have your spiral.

you spin in a plane not in 3D

how do you get the 3D spiral ?


I’m not sure I understand the question, but if you want a spiral (like a spring) of vertacies connected by edges then you already had it.

  1. use the screw function with that small circle again
  2. select the spiraled edge loop you want to keep (with alt-LMB)
  3. invert the selection
  4. delete
    you’ll be left with a spiral line.

You can also rotate with PET(O_key) a subdivided cone .
But I think you want have a beziers shape spiral …

There is a edge to curve script shipped with blender, but never understood how it works …

I usually import from max to have a spiral shaped as I want .