3D Squirrel's Deep Space 3D Modelling Challenge


I’d like to invite you to take part in 3D Squirrel’s latest 3D Modelling Challenge. :slight_smile:

If you’re interested in taking part or would like to follow the progress of other competitors more information is available in our blog here:


Why not check out how 3D Squirrel’s members are getting on with this challenge? If you fancy taking part there is still plenty of time to join in with the fun:http://www.3dsquirrel.co.uk/forums/blog/1/entry-51-deep-space-3d-modelling-challenge/

Here’s a couple of Blender users models so far. :slight_smile:

MillionthVector’s Spaceship:


Blenderjunky’s Spaceship:


With just a few days to go until the deadline for this challenge it’s really exciting to see all the entries being submitted. I’d recommend checking out Blenderjunky’s latest entry:http://www.3dsquirrel.co.uk/forums/files/file/13204-voyager-probe-modified/

Thermallity’s spaceship!?


If it wins, I sure hope you don’t send the prize to Thermallity. XD

Because you said it, it will happen °O°

Another great model created by MillionthVector using Blender for this challenge:

No - This is Blenderjunky’s model - check out his ‘WIP’ thread here:

Thermallity is taking part but not with this model. You can view his ‘Endeavour Shuttle’ WIP here:

Was talking about this one, you said it belongs to Thermallity in the post.

Oh wow I’m with you now! Thank you so much for pointing this out. My sincere apologies for this mistake and I’ve also edited my original post. This spaceship is in fact the work of MillionthVector who has also submitted 5 other stunning models to this modelling challenge.

This challenge is now closed for judging and we will be announcing the winner soon. If in the meantime you would like to check out all the entries please feel free to leave your feedback on their WIP threads.

The results of this challenge are now available to view here:http://www.3dsquirrel.co.uk/forums/blog/1/entry-52-deep-space-3d-modelling-challenge-results/