3D Stereo Video Editor

Hi, do you think is there any way to make the Blender video editor to simulate a horizontal interlaced 3D video so it can be played with a 3D screen? as far as I see the main problem is that we cannot play full screen video with blender, even if you make a floating window with just the video playback in blender you still see the windows bar. Any idea? Would be an awesome feature to have in Blender and it may provide a new range of users.

Actually, the main problem is that Blender has no stereoscopic work-flow whatsoever. Where does your stereo content come from, that you would want to view it in Blender’s video editor?

My 3D monitor has an option to display 3d content as far as it it’s horizontal or vertical interlaced, the problem is I cannot ger ride off the windows top bar and other UI stuff of blender to make it compatible with my 3D screen, but I think it should work once I have a clear playback screen with no UI stuff at all.

I confess I don’t know much about interlaced stereoscopic 3D. Would the video be interlaced, THEN imported into Blender as a single strip?

No, you should have two different video sources with different angles, then import both in blender and do some compositing work to get them interlaced, then you can play that in 3D if you have a clear window with no UI or other stuff arround.

Can you set yout monitor to do side-by-side stereo? In this case there’s a way to do it.

Go to Blender’s Video Editting, set two scene strip, override cameras to match left and Right camera. Then add a transform effect strip to each one to scale them 50% X-axis, and X-axis translate the right camera strip 0.25 and the left camera scene -0.25, like this:


Now you can fullscreen the preview panel.
If you have a secondary monitor, you can also have blender in that monitor, and the Video Preview as a fullscreen window on your stereo monitor.

[EDIT]Here is the blend file:

not an editor but really interesting


to work with Blender, a very basic way could be first to generate a mask with black and white lines and use that to overlay both videos in Node Editor or VSE. The main issue then is how to generate an accurate interlaced pattern for any resolution.
I never tried that anyway because I only use the 3D option of my monitor or bino3D.

Actually it would be nice to get just a little bit of stereoscopic features in.

A nice start would be the ability to read the 3D image file formats (JPS is the side-by-side JPEG format, and PNS is the one-after-the-other PNG format, and stereoscopic EXR) and extract the two contained images. I haven’t read that OpenImageIO supports these, but I could be wrong.

Then some tools to convert two images into the many 3D display formats (side-by-side, interlaced, red-cyan, etc). And then the ability to save JPS, PNS, and stereo EXR given two source images.


Well I want to model in 3D, wouldn’t that be fun! IIRC problem is with open gl implimentation??