3D Stereoscopic Short - Nanoichi Rei

Long time no post. After almost a year of slaving away at this project, I’m finally done. This is my attempt at a 3D stereoscopic short film done with Blender.

Nanoichi Rei

3D Version:

I highly recommend viewing these at 720p.

For anyone who owns a Nintendo 3DS, I’ve also published the 3D version for it. More details here: http://sandingpanda.blogspot.com/2012/04/nanoichi-rei-nintendo-3ds-video.html

Rendered with Blender Internal. This project started with Blender 2.57 and the final render was done with 2.61. The Blender segment is almost 8100 frames in 24 fps, per eye, totaling up to over 16000 frames. I rendered this using my own mini-render farm.