3D-Studio MAX units -> Blender units ?

Hi, can someone tell me how many units in Blender equals 1 unit in 3dsmax? Is it 1 BU = 1 unit in 3dsmax? MfG sk2k

There’s no real answer to that question. In 3dsmax, a unit is whatever you want it to be. It’s abstracted and you can assign it to whatever you want.

In blender, a unit is also abstract, although I don’t think there is a way to explicitly assign it to a specific unit. As far as length is concerned, I believe it is generally assumed that 1 BU = 1 Meter. Blender does need a way to explicitly assign units, because that is very important when doing physics simulations.

Export a 1x1x1 cube from Blender to 3dsMax and see what you get.

I do not have 3dsmax. That is why i asked. :slight_smile: Maybe someone can do it.
MfG sk2k

I belive in 3dsmax 1 unit = 1cm by default. Don’t have max here though so I may be wrong.