3D Stylized Character Model w/ Rig

Hello there!

I am an individual working on a scene in blender that has a room design similar to this picture from houzz.com:

However, I want a stylized female character (nothing too complicated) sitting during the scene. Of course, I am not great at making a stylized characters in blender, so this is where I need the help.

Items needed for project:

  • A female stylized character, and because I need her sitting I will need her fully rigged. Of course, I would like her to be clothed too.

The type of style I am looking for:

Of course, we can discuss in further detail what I wish for the character to look like once arrangements (and payments) are set.

I do not have a set budget (however, I’m not paying more than 450 USD). Therefore, please PM me your price range and I will respond to you as quickly as possible!

Please PM me if you’re interested in doing this! Along with your price range, please send me a portfolio or any pictures of works you have made before!

Thank you for reading!

UPDATE 6/10/2019: Thank you all for your submissions of your portfolios! I will no longer be accepting any more applications at this moment. Thank you for your time. To those who have already applied, I am still trying to write back (as I have limited responses I can send) if you have not heard from me already. Thank you all for your patience!

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Hello I can do this job for you. Please send me a email if you are interested.
[email protected]
My portfolio

ok, did it for you, please wire 450USD.

(sorry, no time to have her sit down, would blow budget)