3D swiss watch using blender

Hello blenderartists
I just finished a project for a customer here in Switzerland using blender…

I was not sure if i should use our favorite software or not for that one, as i never made watch renderings on blender. In the end i am quiet happy with the result, but still had a hard time on some points with blender… so i will keep studying the material and UV and render passes for getting better next time.

and you can find all the 6 renderings here :
i hope you like it …
take care

Oh. My. God. That is gorgeous.

I think it deserves to be in the gallery. Thats my opinion.

Superb quality Work, I love the detail.
Only 2 posts on Blender Artists, what software have you come to Blender from?

beautyfull and pro !!!
giving only five stars to this is offensive
we need more :wink:

Excellent work. Great detail. Why blender over other programs?

Absolutely stunning work, deserves to be in the gallery, indeed…

Is that rendered with Blender internal as well?

There is totally amazing amount of detail in that watch. It is definitely a piece that belongs to the gallery.

it’s beautiful


Some of the textures seem…bit repetative… or just “stabbing my eye” . The geometry is awesome. But i would try to make the textures less “powerfull”…

Pretty neat. Post up your ref pics.

Wow, it is cool! Nice. I have like details on the model.

Beautifuly done and very professional looking. I can’t tell which renderer you used though, if thats the internal then its incredible.

hello everyone
I come from softimage xsi and I am slowly switching to full blender. Why? I do not know. I have been using blender for many years but only recently has it become mature to allow the challenge to do commercial projects. I am more than happy to so many beautiful pictures and animations. These images are full blender internal with an AO pass as well as some photoshop postprocess. If I get time I would like to experiment and try some animation renderings. I did notice some little bugs or strange missing things doing that projects but I will report them.
I wish you all some nice holidays time

Enh, I dunno…
It has potential, but maybe you should add a little more detail…

(Ok, I’m joking. Great model.:yes:)

very nice! how did you do your lighting?

I have to agree with Eradicor. It’s gorgeous but most of the textures have a bit too much “pop.”

the lightning was done using 4-5 lights around the model, as well as using a kind of skydome for the reflections. In some images i also rendered a separate “exagerated” reflection pass to add that shiny feeling, because the client asked it.

I think the work is fantastic. 5 stars from me and i very much agree that it needs to be in the gallery.
I just recently myself came off running maya, 3dmax and lightwave. The reason i have gone to blender, i seem to beable to get jobs done quicker with blender and they just seem better for some reason, even though there is a large learning curve with learning the keys, also for me they are just getting to the point where you can use it for commercial.

Link not working for me, anyone else?

edit: really well done! lovely details