3D Tank artist for Indie game.

I’m looking for somebody to help a young up and coming game developer.

I work as a assistant game developer for a marketing company that creates games and apps for marketing and branding purposes.

As part of our training programme and to sort of “sign off” our skills before we start working on real projects for clients, me and my colleague have been set the task to fully develop a game to be released on the Google play marketplace for android. We will have 6-8 weeks to fully design, build, programme, test, and release a final product. I do have a 3D modeller and game art friend I was looking to bring on board but up to now have been unable to get hold of him.

My company does have a fantastic 3D modeller we use for our professional work, but to make the task harder we are unable to use him and must not purchase any assets online i,e Unity asset store. Its been put across as a
personal project in work time.

The current idea is to build a tank style/mine clearance game, I have already prototyped with a model I made using standard prefab assets in unity, i,e cylinders and cubes. I have also found the perfect model and edited the mesh to get the components as I want them however the model cannot be used for commercial purposes. The project itself is not meant for profit but I don’t want to take the chance with not having the rights to use the model.

As far as this project is concerned all I really need is a modeller to help me with some asset creation who will be credited in the final game and is more than welcome to use the full final game in a portfolio.
I also have a game concept as a PDF for anyone wishing to see more detail,

Look forward to hearing from you,

Please feel free to contact me via email
[email protected]


Tom :slight_smile:


ConceptDocumentArtistV1.pdf (329 KB)

do you need rigged models ? low poly ?

Thanks to everybody that messaged and email me. I know have somebody to work with