3D test for a movie

We were approached by another film company asking us to help them produce a movie based around certain events in the bible but also with some fictional content. We have read the rough draft of the script and feel it could be a good film if done correctly.

One of our tasks is to create a 3D heaven. Would like some feed back on what everyone thinks about our first rough draft of the gates to heaven.

As a side note, this is the first time we had ever attempted any 3D work. So far we really like Blender.


hopefully the gates have hinges.

They will, we are actually working on hinges and a lock now. This was basically just a concept to see if we could do it or not.

I’d say focus on details, especially if the project is movie-quality. This may even include UV-mapping everything to get high enough detail - right now the textures on the columns feel too procedural.

It’d also look pretty cool if you could see the sun poking through some clouds behind the gate, you could really have fun playing with lighting for that.

Good luck!

It’s a good start, but you could try going for a more ornate look. I’m sure you can find many references with an image search.

For the clouds, try adding some color tones and gradations (gray and blue or warmer colors) to shade them adding volume and separation from the background.

We are just getting the overall layout set now, then once we have a design we are happy with we will go back and focus on detailing everything. We are just learning how to utilize UV-mapping, along with just about every other feature in Blender. So any advice or tips are greatly appreciated.

oh my, i did laugh a bit :slight_smile: so these pillars float?

If you’re looking at pitching this to the film company, I’d recommend using a more traditional medium (including digitally drawing it out). Sorting out color palettes, compositions, and other details can be done really quickly and effectively in 2D in comparison to 3D. It will also give you a style you can aim to replicate in 3D as well.

Well the only thing we have come up with so far is for the pillars to rest on top of clouds, so yeah I guess they will be floating.

As a side note, we are currently starting over, this was just a test model. But please keep posting ideas, criticism, thoughts, concerns or whatever you have. We will take all the help and advice we can get.

And once we get some of the pieces for the new model done we will post them to see what everybody thinks.

Thanks for the help everyone.

i know that there was some quite descriptive part in the bible about the gate of heaven. Things like the 7 holy stones (like lapis lazulus (sp?)) used to make up the gates and the buildings inside and the like. Can’t remember where in the bible though. Are you using this for references too? might be good if only to score some bonus point for the more devout christian and your client who requested this movie.