3D text colour

Hello blender heads

Ive imported my svg file and I have joint my text which says “Hello Blender” Ive added my extrude and depth to it
all at once,since its a joint object. Now im trying to find a way to un join it so i can add a different colour to each letter
ive tried the P hot key options to separate each letter, but they all keep tend to change the same colour when ever
i go to the materials section. so how can i make each letter a separate object?

Ive joint the text so i dont extrude each letter one at a time,where as once you join the text
you can apply the extrude and bevel all at once if it makes sence.


Reimport the SVG and this time do not join the letters. Other wise you have to put the curve in edit mode and box select each letter to select it’s points only. Then press the P-Key to separate selection into it’s own object.

I already tried to show how to assign multiple materials to a single curve object in the other thread. Keeping it as a one object would make it easier to handle the whole text.
If you want to separate the letters, you can do that as you said with P key. The problem with changing color is not with the object but with the material that is assigned to them. As you found out, same material can be shared with multiple objects, or ‘users’ which is a wider term for shared resources.

To make material as single user so that you can change already created material for one object, or another set of objects, you can press the number button next to material name, or by selecting an object and pressing U -> material+tex.

(Screenshot by Olson)

Hi J!

yes I have understood your method,but I’m just being inquisitive trying to seek a lot of various techniques to get to learn
the way blender operates.

thank you for your answer. I figured it out.

Kind regards.