3D Text / Fonts??

First, does anyone know of a thorough tutorial for making 3D text? There is a common 3 steps one on the net but it’s not thorough enough.

Also, how do I import Fonts into Blender?:cool:

Importing fonts: in the edit buttons, theres a field that defaults to <builtin> with a “Load” button beside it - hit load and browse to C:\Windows\Fonts if your using windows - Linux has fonts spread out all over so you’d have to search for 'em.
Other than that, just fiddle with the buttons in those Font and Char buttons in the Edit Buttons (F9)… the Curves panel (still in Edit buttons) lets you extrude and bevel. Be careful with the Size, Spacing, Line Dist, Etc values in the Font panel - if you get your letters too close together strange things happen.

This should get you started. :slight_smile:

(see chapter 10)

Great answers guys, for the next nube to find this question: definately look at chapter 10, in fact download the whole thing its fantastic!!