3d text help

Hello, so I need to make about 20 different 3d text renders with “sale, discount, -50%, etc…” text. I already found most of them on google but they are from stocks so they are not free. So I tried to make my own, and I cant get it right. My renders always look too dark and not very good lighting, etc…

Now I have 2 questions…

  1. Is it possible to make those 3d texts without cycles?
  2. IS anyone willing to show how or something?


  1. Is it possible to make those 3d texts without cycles?
    Modelling and rendering are two different things, make the text and you can render in any renderer you desire
  1. IS anyone willing to show how or something?
    Maybe show exactly what you have and what you want, otherwise everyone apart from you has to randomly guess what your mind is thinking of !

Hey, well yes I know that, I wrote that question unclearly :slight_smile: I will make a model again and post here to show as you told.

EDIT: added images


What Im trying to accomplish:

so you already have 3/4 of this done. put up a floor with white color & high specularity & turn reflection on to get the reflective words under the 3d text. . . . & you’re done.

Sometimes it helps to think like a photographer when generating design or product style elements.

By adding a backdrop you can brighten up the background.
Blender Internal render engine also supports a few options for global lighting that can brighten up your end result. Here is a setup you can play around with.


26_photographers_backdrop.blend (128 KB)

That looks much better :slight_smile: May I ask how did you add that backdrop?

Also is there any chance you could do a tutorial on that or something?


He uploaded his blend file,you can study it to find out how he did it.

The background he used looks like a large plane with one extrude and a subsurf modifier,looks like he used the glossy shader to make it reflect.

Backdrop is easy enough.

  • Add a plane
  • Scale it how wide you want it
  • Switch to edit mode and
  • select the back edge and extrude (E) it along Z
  • Add two loop cuts (ctrl+R, scroll wheel up) and scale (S) them near the left and right edges
  • Add a subdivision surface modifier with high subdivision level. I added one with a shortcut ctrl+4
  • Select all (A) and set the shading to smooth from the specials menu (W). Alternatively, switch back to object mode and set the shading to smooth from the tool shelf (T).

If you need more space on the front of the backdrop, you can move the backfaces a bit further.

Ohh yes I saw it, thanks :slight_smile: May I just ask how do you add glossy shader?

Thank you very much, followed instructions and got the setup done :slight_smile:

If you’re in cycles mode for rendering, you simply make a new material for the plane, and in the shader part you click GLOSSY, or you can use the NODE EDITOR and add a glossy node to the map, and combine the diffuse/glossy with a ShaderMix node (all under the shaders menu).

If you’re in Blender Renderer, you simply increase the specularity, select a color you want to be the glossy/shine, and turn on mirror with whatever value you want it to show.

Ok, thanks I tried that. Here are 2 more images I did, first one without glossy effect second one with.
Still doesnt look what I need.

Try other render. It will be easier for You to try out cycles. IF You dont want cycles try yafaray it has good and quite fast global ilumination. Also look for some open fonts and import them this will help as well. Pay attention to the composition of photos and try to achieve something similar.

I cant really use cycles, my computer is very old.

looks like you have specularity on the letters. . . . take it down to a low value. It also looks like you either A: didnt turn on MIRROR on the backdrop (the plane) or you didnt put it below the letters and then extruded 90 degrees upward in the back… . . cuz there is no “floor” to this picture, or at least no mirroring.

Here’s my attempt at it in BI. It takes quite a while to render because of rough glossy materials and soft shadows, so maybe you can tweak it a bit to render faster. I find making a setup like this in cycles is much easier and the rendertime at least for me (haven’t got a nvidia gpu) is not realy that different.


Sale.blend (483 KB)

I have lowered it as you suggested, also have attached my blend file, if you could please take a look at it real qucik?Saletext.blend (412 KB)

Specular Hardness of the Backdrop: don’t set this to 1, this will just overbrighten the background and you’ll see no reflections or any other shading.

lamps: those in my scene i specificly added to get that look of the image you posted, simply deleting them will make it render faster yes sure, but it will not look good, illuminating the scene with only one point lamp is not gonna work. you will at least need one strong main light (maybe even a sun lamp), and a fill light which fills in the dark areas in the shadows, you could also work with environment lighting instead but i guess this will take longer to render than 2 lights. And if you don’t want those bad sharp looking shadows, you need some setup like i’ve shown.

But even on an older Machine, it can’t take that long to render 20 images with different Texts like this. With Cycles, this kind of very evenly lit scenes should be finished maybe even faster than blender internal with complicated materials and lamps.

Ohh yes, thanks I dont really understand all those options, havent worked with them that much, now I got much better scene, will try to play with it and post it when I get closer :slight_smile: