3D text quesiton

Hello blender heads.

Im importing a svg graphic which i have done in illustrator
Im trying to treat this object as one in blender,and im choosing :

object.>group>create new group

then trying to give it an extrude all at once.but only one letter at a time
can i extrude.

so is there a way to be able to make it one object?

and also when i extrude to 0.001 as you see the yellow M it looks
ok,but when i add a depth of the minimum of 0.001 it looks so thick
is there a way to fix it?

also when when i rendered this image and then saved it as a png it still
had a background to it, i had turned off the plane but still had the grey background

all suggestions and help welcome thank you


Hi graphomet, if you can extrude I assume that you have meshes after your import. Not quite sure because I never tried to import a svg file. Instead of grouping them, you could join them into one single mesh (select all and then type CTRL + j). After that you should be able to select all required vertices and extrude them together.

Objects can be joined (in object mode) with ctrl+J. Ctrl+a to apply rotation and scale.
Svg imports as curves and in blender they have direction. Some of them might need to be turned the other way around. In edit mode, selecting one handle and pressing ctrl+L and then from specials menu (W) -> switch direction.

Hey dudes.

yes it does become one object ctrl+j but it all becomes one colour, and then again the extrude is ok,but then once the depth kicks in
it all looks ugly. For a moment I was click on various commands and it looked all perfect I was able to adjust the extrude and depth in the panel.I don’t know what I clicked and it looked super fine then I couldn’t remember what I did. any suggestions?

Can’t really tell what’s wrong without seeing the file. Apart from high bevel depth value, looks fine to me.
You can assign multiple materials to different parts by:

  • in edit mode, select the curves (first select none with A, then hover your mouse cursor over curves and press L which selects the whole curve)
  • then in the materials, add a new one or select existing one from the list and click ‘assign’.

Hi Ja!

Ill look into it tomorrow, cos its 1am here down under!


What dimensions has your mesh? It must be really small for a bevel of 0.001 to produce such an effect. Look in the [N]-panel. IMHO, you should be able to safely multiply the size by 10 or 20. Just don’t forget to apply the scale in Object mode. [CTRL A]

Hi Kaluura!

yep your right the text was way to tiny that’s what was causing the ugly result, once I scaled it up up and away, I got excellent results
and then I scaled it down again making it very small and the extrude and depth was still fine.

thanks for that tip.