3d Text tutorial

Here is pretty much a copy of andrew kramer’s cinema 4d text tutorial. I did it in blender though for those who don’t have C4D and want to do it in blender. Go to videocopilot.net to see the original.

Here it is:

tell me what you think



hi davidaw, i can’t seem to access veoh, can you post it somewhere else?

Ok, sure. I post it somewhere else too. veoh has the best video quality though.

Another good site that is used is Vimeo.com. They have HD capablity.

Here’s a Vimeo link. it is lower quality but should be easy to follow along.



thanks davidaw!

il check it out


please tell me what you think of it…good or bad.



the tutorial is clear, i was able to follow the tut, although the presentation is not too good, the images were small, i think its better to have just one or two views for bigger images.

thanks again!

@Daviddaw: I also liked the tutorial.
@stanmarsh: if you download the video and watch it fullscreen then the images are bigger.

Well, the images are smaller when you have more views, but it is incredibly helpful to have 4 views, but yah, I see what you mean by they are small.
anyway, I hope this was a helpful tutorial.