3d text

Hey, here is some 3d text that I made. : )

I spent some time trying to figure out the chrome, and I figured out how to make a seamless backdrop using the Curve modifier.

tell me what you think.


Really cool!
What is “seamless backdrop”?

I actually just saw your avatar in another thread and noticed that backdrop. please tell us how you did it. is it just a plain curved up on the back side?

B3D00, from the way I’m using it right now it means a background where the plain/ground has no seams or “horizon” with the sky, like in davidaw’s avatar. but it seams that there actually is no “sky” visible, am I right?

hey, Atemporalskill thanks for asking! I actually made a simple tutorial that shows how to make the seamless backdrop. Although the rest of the video tutorial is basically just showing how to do in blender what Andrew Kramer did in 3ds max, I figured out how to do the seamless backdrop all on my own : ) (patting myself on the back) ; )

Here is a link for vimeo and another one for veoh. I was told that the veoh one did not work, but it works for me, and is higher quality video.


go take a look at it.

PLEASE tell me if the tutorial is helpful at all. : )


wow, fast reply. ok so it was what I thought it was, I have actually done approximately that for a backdrop before, but it was so long ago that I didn’t remember right away.

For making it better, how about instead of sub-dividing the whole plain, just do in in the direction parallel to the curve, less polys that way, and it should look the same.
(I’m sorry, I only watched the first part of that video, but you should experiment with screen recording more because if you had much more information being given it wouldn’t be very easy to follow. in other words the video wasn’t too great, but take that lightly as I haven’t done any myself and have no idea what exactly needs to be done to do that.)

hope that last part made sense, because I don’t have time to re-write it like I usually do to my posts to make them understandable.:o

Edit: I’ll be back in a little few min., maybe I can give a little more feedback then.

Edit 2:
ok, so I watched the rest of your video (veoh works fine for me, except only in IE because flash player has been freaking out in Firefox lately, oh well one more thing to trouble shoot) the here are the things that I noticed about the video itself.

  1. It started off kinda slow, and then got really fast near the end, not very easy to understand if you don’t know the content already. (I knew how to do everything in it already, but (obviously) not everyone else will.)
  2. Make sure that what your talking about and what is happening on the screen go to gether at all times, you got a little ahead of yourself part way through.

and as for content, I would say that in the future pick a single concept (as apposed to a completed scene) to do the tutorial on, and spend time teaching while showing instead of doing while talking.

Hope that is helpful and what you wanted, feel free to ask questions or for clarification on what I have said.

Thanks a ton!! I really haven’t gotten any feedback on the video until now. Actually, the audio got ahead of the video at the end because of my lowly free video capturer, it actually wasn’t like that in real life ; )

but I didn’t quite understand how to subdivide only paralell to the curve??

But any way, I did go kind of fast, and the tutorial is probably only helpful to those who know blender better. Thanks again for the crits…they are really helpful. :yes:

but, I will say, I am only 14, still learning, and this is my first tutorial. You don’t know how nice it is to finally get some feedback on the video.

As for me going fast, ha ha, I have to laugh. ok, so, I downloaded like 5 free screen capture programs and spent like two hours working on the tutorial one night. I went much slower then, and was much more clear…THEN, when 1-oclock in the morning hit, I got sick of recording and re-recording the video only to find out that the audio was completely screwed up!!! so the next day, I just quickly made the tutorial, and was happy to find that the audio was only slightly off.

thanks again,

P.S. did it help you at all with the seamless backdrop?

P.P.S. About the quick reply, I was replying to the first post, submited the reply, looked, realized that While I was replying you had posted, and then I edited my post to reply to you. : )


Have you tried Camstudio? haven’t tried it yet myself, but it’s the only free one I know about that isn’t a trial version, but I’m sure others on here know of some more…

To sub-d in only on direction just use the loop cut tool, I think it’s ctl+r, scroll wheel should increase the number of cuts.

Well then you have a good head start on most people because of your age and if you keep at it soon enough you’ll be the expert here. :slight_smile:

Well, it reminded me about it, but don’t base how helpful a tut is on one person alone. and like you said, it’s your first tut, so if nothing else it is justified as a learning experience for you. I mean you probably know more about making a tut then a lot of much more advanced users now, when it comes to practical experience you for sure more then I do now.

Keep at it, what are you working on project wise now?

I tried camstudio and it TOTALLY screwed up the audio. The only one that would work properly was Freez screen recorder, that is what I used. Thanks for you imput on my tut,it is really helpful to me. ; )

Project wise…I don’t really know, I never really can think of anything good to make. I need to go take some “Imagination pills” ; ) But, actually, I was recently trying to make a hole in our patio just for fun, kind of like Andrew Kramer…(if you don’t know who he is, he is the maker of videocopilot.net and all of its tutorials.)
I am thinking that maybe I will study up on some of the modifiers that I (and probably a lot of people are) don’t know how to use, and I will make something that explains how to use it and what it does…Does that sound like something that would be helpful to people. Do you know fully what all of the modifiers do, or are you unsure on some of them?



That sounds like a great idea, and no I don’t know what all those modifiers do.
Maybe you could pick individual features in blender and go through two or three (or however many you can come up with) ways that it can be used. If you started a good database of video tut’s geared at very specific uses of tools it could be a really useful documentation as well as learning tool. I’d use it.

hmm, I know sound drivers/encoders can be really fickle on pc’s, but I guess the same could be true for a mac. can’t really help you with technical things, sorry.

Wow, this thread has really gotten off the original topic, but if you don’t mind I guess we’re cool. :stuck_out_tongue:

I could care less if this goes off topic. I think If I hadn’t of posted this, I might of just said, “Forget it!” But, now, I’m likin’ the idea of making tuts on modifiers and stuff that no one knows about. I actually am really looking forward to starting it!!!

thanks for ALL of you imput!


P.S. Stay subscribed to this post, and when I make something, I will post it here.

When you make them you should create a new thread over in support>tutorials.
You can make one thread and update it with new tutorials as you make them.
glad I inspired you.

Yah man, that sounds more reasonable. ; )