"3D Top Down View Game Demo"

Hello everyone!

i want to make a 3d top down view game for test! and i need some enlightenment from you guys on how things should be done!

since the game is going to be 3d top down view perspective!
i need to know a few things since i have little knowledge about blender since i’m in learning process.

1: i want the camera to look at all times to the “Object” Which is going to be the “Character”.
Problem is: i don’t know how to fix it when another Object is between the character and the camera.

2: i want to be able to look inside houses by the wall window from top view perspective. if i can see only whats on the floor when close to the window and back to see the other higher floors when i get away of the window.

i want to have the same game view as the game “Tibia” but in 3D perspective. how can i do that?

EDIT: NVM guys i found a way to do what i wanted by just playing with camera setup “focal length” XD! it was easier than i though!

You posted on the wrong section. It must be on the Game Engine section.

Anyway, I managed to achieved what you want long ago. This is a start: