3d tracking a pattern in flash with a webcam?

I have seen where there are demos of face tracking in flash, and I figure if thats possible, then it should be possible to track a pattern on paper. There was a demo of something similar (not in flash) for the VW a while ago, I figure this should be possible in flash now it has 3d.

This would mean that you could export a 3d model from blender, and import it into flash, and make it look as though its sitting on a piece of paper on the webcam.

Here is a demo of what I was thinking: http://www.aktasway.com/blog/2010/06/03/livemesh-1-0/, however, its not in flash.

Anyone have any idea where there may be a script to do this in flash??

This has been about for a while checkout FLARToolKit, it’s an augmented reality library for AS3.

Thanks for that. I had a look at it, I notice its not for commercial purposes. For what I want to do I would like something I can use for commercial purposes. I will check out how the code works and get some ideas from there anyhow and try develop something myself when I get some time.