3D tracking test

hi there,

I’ve decided to try 3D tracking cause in youtube tutorial you can see it always seem to be easy.
so I took my camera shot a movie and until the end of the project, it take me 3 days to finish. i also put 2D animation inside.

tracking : Voodoo
3D : blender

There is some screnshots

the real video

and a screen shot of the blender scene
thancks for watching

A very neat and creative usage of the 3D tracker! I was a little disappointed that nothing jumped out of the page though:P If you’re not fed up with it by now, why not try freestyle’s NPR rendering to make the sketches come out of the page?

yeah your right.
but it was just a try…the plane is already modeled so if I have some time I yes i’ll try.

I am quite impressed. Very well done. :slight_smile: You could probably use After Effects or some other program to clean up the edges a little bit on the final render. How did you go about making the planes look like pages flipping?

First 3D video with the plane and this earth.
I cleaned it on flash, make a mask to clean the edges on flash as well,I wanted a 2D drawing effect.
Then export it in blender for make it fit with the pages shapes,
At last, I uses after effect to make blury a bit and increase the contrast a little as well.